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Chair Yoga st Work

It is common to spend hours upon hours on your chair at your desk doing your job, especially with the popularity of the computer. The time just slips by as your body fills with stress and fatigue. Only when you finally get up to get something to eat, to go to the bathroom, or to attend a meeting, do you realize that your body has become a tight rubber band and your mind is dull.

If, every few hours, you do the spinal movements and focus on our inhaling and exhaling breathe for just a few minutes, your body/mind stays alert and flexible

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While at work, you can incorporate chair yoga poses throughout the day without anyone even noticing. A few simple spinal movements, a lower back circle, facial and eye movements, wrist and ankle rotations, deep breathing techniques–replacing things like coffee and sugar.

Production goes up, self-esteem goes up, and weight goes down.  (Chair yoga at work has positive effects on carpal-tunnel syndrome.)  All this benefits you and makes your employer smile.

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