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Chair Yoga for Seniors

The US is facing an increasing challenge in caring for the aged as the population bubble of the “baby boomers” passes 60. Yours is a generation that has become health conscious.  Yet, as you age and become more sedentary, you find fewer and fewer ways to keep your bodies, minds, and spirits healthy and vital.


Falls are not only the leading cause of injury-related deaths in older adults, but they’re also a significant cause of morbidity and disability, including head trauma, soft tissue injuries, fractures, and dislocations.

Senior Chair Yoga and Balance

The series of balance poses including the tree, the stick, the dancer, and the eagle all build muscle strength and confidence.  Each of the balancing asanas has its own benefit on the body/mind connection.  The tree brings in length, extension, and fullness of being. The stick creates an expanded chest, poise, and strength in the leg muscles.  The dancer creates grace and poise.  The eagle opens the shoulders and deepens the breath.

For more statistics on seniors: Older Population and Aging

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Chair Yoga for Seniors Addresses Challenges

You baby boomers are always looking for something “cool” to do to keep healthy. Doing yoga on a chair is not only fun but is challenging which is what you love. Chair yoga is not for sissies! The warrior and balance series are examples of asanas that demand strength and breath. You will feel as though you “worked out!”

Chair yoga for seniors offers help with challenges faced as the body ages. Diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, weight control, and diabetes are among challenges that have increased risks as we age.

Our Weighted Chair Yoga builds bone mass (fighting off osteoporosis/osteopenia) and increases muscle mass.


You learn that doing chair yoga poses (asanas), deep breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation on a chair will benefit you. You will crave your daily chair yoga practice.  (Some chair yoga students and teachers have decorated their chairs with paint, fabric, and pictures. Try it to make your practice more fun!)

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