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Chair Yoga Contraindications

Contraindication is a factor that increases the risk involved in engaging in a particular activity. So, as always, check with healthcare professionals before you embark on chair yoga if you have any serious physical or mental condition.


Over the years, I have accumulated many contraindications for many ailments as they relate to chair yoga. Please contact me for further information on contraindications.


Remember, though, that yoga on a chair constitutes an overall better environment if you have balance or other physical issues.  This builds confidence leading to improved inner and outer strength.

If you feel called to teach,

Schedule a free Zoom consultation

And find out about our tuition aid program!

Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga uses multiple levels of flexibility for every pose. Levels can differ for upper/lower body and left/right sides.

Taking our chair yoga certification will allow you to teach with limited contraindications.

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