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Chair Yoga Certification Live
Unsurpassed since 2007

A transformational experience!

Designed by the Creator of Chair Yoga!

Welcome to the premier chair yoga certification. As a Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher (LVCYT), you will bring all the amazing benefits of yoga to those who, for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to get down on the floor.

Join our cohort of over 2,000

Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teachers!

Kripalu Chair Yoga Certifications Live

Lennox, MA

Your certification will enable you to teach a one-hour Chair Yoga class with knowledge and confidence to a varied audience.

This program is ideal for health care professionals, yoga teachers and yoga practitioners, or anyone else interested in teaching chair yoga.

A certificate is awarded at the conclusion of the program for 25 CEUs as applicable.

Prerequisites: at least 15 hours of yoga classes with a certified yoga teacher

What You Will Learn

This chair yoga certification will add new dimensions to your teaching and/or caregiving.

You will learn how to adapt yoga poses to a chair—what Lakshmi calls the Chairasanas—and to teach chair yoga to everyone, no matter their Level of Flexibility (LoFs) or range of motion.


Levels of Flexibility—our unique proposition:

LVCY poses are presented in multiple levels of flexibility so your students can adapt each pose to their personal needs. This includes accounting for varying degrees of flexibility in students’ upper and lower body as well as their right and left sides. This innovative fitness approach makes her chair yoga program suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.


The five forms of LVCY:

  • Single Chair Yoga

  • Double Chair Yoga (each student uses two chairs)

  • Pair Chair Yoga (work in pairs)

  • Weighted Chair Yoga (use weights for bone & muscle mass building)

  • Wheelchair Yoga


The Chairasanas for:

  • Sun Salutation

  • Moon Salutation

  • Earth Salutation

  • Warrior Sequence

  • Balance Sequence

  • many more yoga asanas and yoga-related postures


Additional Eastern disciplines and modalities such as:

  • Pa Tuan Chin 

  • Chinese Arthritis Relief Hand Movements 

  • Acupressure knee strengthening exercises 

  • Various breathing techniques for our meditation, relaxation, and asanas 

  • 7 Chakras and their meanings, colors, sounds, and affirmations 

  • 5 Yamas and 5 Niyamas 

  • Do-In Chinese Self Massage and Foot Reflexology



Deep breathing techniques that are a key to reaching optimum health to help fully oxygenate your students’ bodies and massage their organs. This improves their energy and mental clarity while reducing pain and anxiety. Following the pranayama techniques, not only during chair yoga classes, but throughout daily life, significantly enhances health and well-being.



Relaxation techniques that will give your students added health benefits physically, mentally, and spiritually.



  • Basic anatomy as it applies to chair yoga

  • Introductions to outside study materials

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