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Chair Yoga for Breathing

Shallow breathing accounts in a good measure for the fact that one third of all deaths result from diseases of the lungs.  Some use only the upper part of their lungs; others breathe with only the diaphragm (lower part).  Very few people breathe fully.  In those parts of the lung that are not used, secretions accumulate, and the tissues become devitalized.

Breathing problems can be corrected by yoga through yoga’s science of the breath–Pranayama.  Pranayama has various techniques designed to maximize the capacity of your lungs.  Pranayama also helps in regulating the temperature of the breath flow which solves many of problems related to the lungs.


Additionally, relaxing the neck muscles and improving the posture while on the chair will relieve lung problems with just 30 minutes of chair yoga. Using our chair yoga classes online will help you achieve optimum breathing.

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