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Chair Yoga for Osteoporosis

Many of you are in life situations which reduce your physical exercise.  This situation, especially as we get older, can lead to osteopenia (low bone mass) which can turn into osteoporosis (a disease of bones that makes them more fragile).  Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga as proven effective in slowing and, at times, in reversing these conditions.


If you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, you want to become mindful of any of the forward bending or trunk contracting poses.  Opening the chest with gentle back bending postures assures extension of the front spine thus allowing full inhalations and exhalations.  You are better able to release excess carbon dioxide which eliminates fatigue.


Here are some osteoporosis facts (from FORE, the Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education):

  • Osteoporosis affects 44 million Americans (California's population is around 34 million) at a cost of $17 billion dollars annually.

  • One out of two women and one out of eight men will be affected by osteoporosis in their lifetime.

  • Having osteoporosis puts people at higher risk for fractures that are painful, can be disfiguring, and reduce their ability to lead active lives.

  • In a recent study, one half of all women over 50 years old had osteoporosis or low bone mass and did not know it.

  • Only 35% of American adults consume the recommended daily allowance of calcium.

  • An estimated 14 million men in the United States currently have low bone mass or osteoporosis.

  • Osteoporosis is treatable and may be preventable.

  • People need to know their risk for osteoporosis and talk to their doctors about diagnosis, prevention, and treatment strategies.

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