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  • What is chair yoga?
    Chair yoga is a form of yoga where all the yoga poses (asanas) are done in a seated position. This makes yoga more accessible to more people. For many, getting down on the floor with mat yoga is a challenge. If so, one can derive all the benefits of yoga while sitting.
  • Why chair yoga?
    For many, getting down on the floor is not practical. This can be due to physical/mental challenges or situational/locational challenges. Doing all the yoga poses properly adapted to a seated position gives the same benefits to the student. In order to achieve the full benefits, practicing a certified instructor is recommended.
  • Who benefits from chair yoga?
    People that have physical/mental challenges or situational/locational challenges that preclude them from getting down on the floor will achieve all benefits of yoga while seated. It is important that yoga poses (asanas) that are adapted to a seated position be properly designed. Practicing with a certified chair yoga instructor will ensure that poses are properly set up.
  • Can wheelchair users do yoga?
    Chair yoga with levels of flexibility makes yoga completely accessible to wheelchair users. By having multiple levels of flexibility—upper/lower body and right/left sides—wheelchair users can reap all the benefits of mat yoga.
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