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Chair Yoga as Cancer Therapy

Yoga as an alternative cancer therapy has become more common recently. The medical establishment recognizes the benefits of yoga (e.g., flexibility, strength, increased range of motion, and relaxation) for relief of cancer symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment. Research studies support the idea that yoga can improve a cancer patient's quality of life since it has been shown to relieve stress that is associated with cancer treatments and/or the disease's advancement.

Leading cancer centers including Memorial Sloan-Kettering, MD Anderson, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have taken steps to offer yoga as an alternative adjunct therapy for cancer patients.


Research associated with yoga and its benefits on cancer patients has involved a variety of factors such as various cancer types, stages of cancer, and treatment levels. The outcomes show a steady stream of positive effects on cancer patients and survivors that include improved sleep quality, decreased depression, reduced stress and anxiety, less cancer-related distress, physiological improvements, decreased pain, and an overall better quality of life. Patients experience different levels of improvement depending on the cancer type and stage, and at the point in which the patient begins participating in yoga therapy.

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